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I’m Mahmoud, I was born in Wadi Rum and I’m a Bedouin from the Zawaidah tribe. My mother tongue is Arabic, but I also speak English. I love nature, the desert and the camels that live in it. I would like to show this love and the simple life of the Bedouins to my guests. If you are interested, you can also visit my home in the middle of WadiRum, not far from the Burdah Rock Bridge and Mushroom Rock. A place with solar power, animals, water and for a perfect sunset with a cup of tea. 

Since 2010 I have been working as a tour guide for jeep tours in all variants. For a long time I went on climbing tours with my guests, but also hiking tours and overnight stays under the impressive starry sky are part of it.

My promise
With me my guests will experience the true spirit of the desert. Its mystical and otherworldly beauty, its rich history and its unique culture. I would like to share my experience and knowledge and make the most beautiful and also most exciting and lonely places of the Valley of the Moon an unforgettable memory.

Before we get started
 I pick up my guests at 10 a.m. at the visitor information desk in Rum Village. The car can also be safely parked there.

Meeting point for my guests with their own car is my headquarters in Disah. From the Desert Highway in Rashidija, turn towards WadiRum and reach the place after about 35 kilometers. The car can also be safely parked there. Large luggage can be placed at my headquarters in Disah.

I do not offer a pick-up service from the airport in Aqaba. Taxi rides are available for 35 dinars from Aqaba airport. 

Over tea at my headquarters, we discuss our tour and start it. Of course, I also put together tours according to the wishes of my guests. I know that photographers need a certain light. But also excursions with  camels or a snowboard ride down the dunes are possible.

Mahmoud kocht Tee


Here I have put together 4 offers. They can be connected individually by my guests. I’m always ready for other options and ideas. I would be happy to put together a program according to your wishes in advance.

Jeep tour

for 1 - 2 days and nights

Hiking tour

for 1 - 7 days and nights

Camel tour

for 1 - 5 days and nights

Scrambling tour

for 1 - 4 days and nights

Customer opinions

A big favorite for the two days we spent with Mahmoud from the WadiRum Experience. An authentic Bedouin. We lived with him in the desert. He drove us in the jeep to the most famous places, but also to those that tourists will never see! !... We were treated to real “Bedouin” cuisine, including Bedouin coffee (cream colored)!.. He has goats, two dogs and chickens with their roosters. A goat had just given birth and so we experienced a real moment of love between the mother and the newborn.♡♡ We will come back as soon as possible as WadiRum is huge and there are so many tours and hikes to do . Mahmoud forever. THANKS !

Katia Karrer

Incredible experience. A complete tour of Wadi Rum. Mahmoud is an authentic, welcoming and warm Bedouin. He listened to us and did his best to accommodate our needs. I recommend Mahmoud for an experience in Wadi Rum. He welcomes you in his atypical house where animals also live (goats, dogs and chickens). Thanks Mahmoud!

Sacha Perathoner

Fascinating facts about Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum, also known as the Valley of the Moon, is a vast and mystical desert region in the southern part of Jordan. It is famous for its stunning landscapes, its red dunes and rock formations sculpted by the elements over millions of years.  Wadi Rum has been inhabited by humans for thousands of years and has a rich and fascinating history, which is reflected in its many sights and ancient ruins.

The region was home to many civilizations, including the Nabataeans, the Romans, and the Ottomans. In winter, temperatures can drop to 0 °C at night and rise to more than 37 °C during the day in summer. As a protected area with an area of 740 km² and an altitude of 800 meters, it was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2011.

The landscape has served as the backdrop for many films set on Mars or any other planet, including Red Planet, The Marsian, Star Wars, Dune and Transformers.

Wadi Rum is an unforgettable place for nature lovers, climbers, hikers, horse and camel riding tours and of course for photographers. The starry sky is unique and one night below is an experience.

I love nature, the desert and the camels that live in it. I would like to show this love and the simple life of the Bedouins to my guests.

Your host and tour guide Mahmoud